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VelvetCaviar Best Fashion Accessories Shop

Everyone knows that the key to a great outfit is accessories! So get the scoop on the latest accessory trends—from rings, phone case, and more. We have got the best place to purchase all these things, VelvetCaviar (Shipping worldwide)

Velvet Caviar was developed with that in mind. Our goal is to bring together the latest and best protective products for your phones, safe, easy-to-use, They’re sleek, they’re shiny, they’re fancy, they’re trendy, and they won’t break the bank; what am I talking about? I’m talking about Velvet Caviar, of course. Velvet Caviar is a stylish phone accessory company based in New York (no, you can’t eat it…), and they have a fantastic line-up of cases for both Apple and Android devices. Velvet Caviar has a wide variety of cases that appeal to just about anyone’s taste. Their primary bread and butter is more in the fashionista domain, but they dabble in cool cases with flames, granite looking slabs and a whole host of other designs (they even have a coffee themed case!)

Simply the love for looking stylish and up to date fascinates the women folk to put on accessories. A mundane outfit can be converted into dramatic and exceptional if matched with the right frills. A bold belt teamed with a simple pair of jeans or a contemporary neck piece can change the outlook of a plain dress. The choices of accessories reflect a womans personality and are like a mirror to her very many moods.

Fashion trends constantly are in a state of flux, therefore a simple route to match them is to spend on some accompaniments rather than changing ones wardrobe each season.

All of Velvet Caviar’s cases are TPU, bumper-style cases, which helps to streamline the production process, ensures that the cases fit properly and allows the company to focus their time and money on making aesthetically pleasing designs – don’t believe me, ask the dishes! In all seriousness, I was a bit overwhelmed when I first looked at their website because they just have sooooo many options. Normally I stick to cases with standard colors, like: Black, Blue, Graphite, Steel, Gray, etc… The normal and unremarkable colors that match my cargo short and t-shirt decorum. However, this go-round I decided to venture a bit outside of my comfort zone and bring a little bit of color, flair, and style to my case carousel.

The Feel: As I mentioned above, all of their cases are made from a TPU material, which is solid and fits well. The material is very durable and has extra padding around the corners for protection, which is characteristic of the bumper-style build. The cases have a good, rubber-like grip to them which makes them fairly grippy for a uniform/smooth finish. They aren’t the grippiest cases in the world but you don’t particularly have to worry about them slipping out of your hand. The cases are a genuine pleasure to handle, especially because of the showmanship that is built into their styles. If you pull one of these babies out of your pocket in public, you’ll definitely get a few looks, and maybe a question or two, which is great if you want to show it off to your friends. Another cool feature is that most of their cases are actually lined with velvet – super cool.

Protection: The protection in these cases is mostly the fact that they’re just so good looking that you don’t want to drop them… lol. Really though, they are a solid TPU material and have extra padding built into the bumpers. They aren’t the most protective but they won’t shatter or get dinged up from minor slips and drops. They aren’t drop-test rated or MIL-Spec rated, but I think that’s mostly because of the nature of their design process and their audience. Everyone is familiar with companies like UAG and Otterbox. Their cases are bulky, boxy, and very protective – also usually expensive. Velvet Caviar isn’t your father’s tank case. They are a refreshing, good looking case that is designed to protect your phone from the wiles of day-to-day life, and look fancy doing it.

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